Burning issues in BECCS and forestry

Image: Markus Spiske

We can optimize policy design for jobs and the climate equitably

Image: Evan Demicoli

Here’s how we can center equity and justice in a carbon-removing future

Champions and skeptics alike gathered last week to explore the entire portfolio of carbon removal pathways. Here’s what you missed.

The popular bipartisan bill — which just passed in the Senate — is a reminder that we need to better understand soil carbon sequestration

Image: Chris Ensminger

Carbon removal can be found throughout the budget, and we’ve got an agency-by-agency breakdown

Image: David Everett Strickler

Let’s not lose the forest for the trees

Image: Ben Neale

Image: Kristina Volgenau

Three ways to bring land-based carbon removal to life in an infrastructure package

Image: European Environment Agency

What does it take to found a carbon removal startup?

Image: Alex Knight


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