How philanthropy can help to scale carbon removal

Climate philanthropy is in a unique position to accelerate progress on carbon removal and increase the odds that multiple removal approaches reach gigaton scale before 2050.

Photo: Carbon180

What is Carbon Removal at Scale, and How Can We Achieve It?

The innovation curve (pictured above) provides a framework for understanding how foundations can best support approaches at different stages of their development and deployment. Traditional philanthropic grantmaking focuses on supporting early-stage commercial projects through funding advocacy, policy development, and communications. However, many more early-stage carbon removal solutions would benefit from other kinds of philanthropic intervention. Source: ClimateWorks Foundation

Getting More Solutions Ready for Scale

There are many carbon removal approaches which range from harnessing natural systems to engineered technological interventions. Each of these approaches have different costs, tradeoffs, multiple benefits and reversal risks, and sit at different stages of technological readiness. It is preferable to pursue a portfolio of carbon removal approaches as opposed to overreliance on one or a few, given the uncertainties over scaling potentials and a desire to minimize the potential for negative side effects. Source: ClimateWorks Foundation
There are a number of ocean-based approaches to carbon removal that haven’t been explored in detail to-date, including kelp farming. Photo: Shane Stagner

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