A pair of dirty hands cupping a mound of soil against a bokeh brown background

A new website promises to help rebalance our climate — using dirt

Ranchers, farmers, advocates, and policymakers now have a hub for the most current information on soil health policies and resources for regenerative agriculture.

by Vanessa Suarez

A little background on soil carbon sequestration

The latest IPCC report makes a strong case that addressing climate change will require more than greenhouse gas emissions reductions — we must also work to actively remove carbon from the atmosphere. With no “catch-all” method for carbon removal, both technological and natural pathways must be utilized to draw down carbon.

An infographic shows a plant in soil with labels describing how CO2 in the atmosphere enters the soil via roots and microbes
Simplified carbon cycle process in soils. Image: Carbon180

Agriculture management & policy

When it comes to climate change, the agricultural sector is both a source of greenhouse gas emissions and a potential pathway for carbon removal.

Brown and white cattle grazing in the long grass on a lush hillside on a cloudy day.
Cattle grazing practices can bolster soil carbon sequestration. Image: Imam febi Satria
An interactive map of the USA on the Nerds for Earth website displaying soil health legislation categorized by state.
Built on Soil4Climate’s legislative database and originally designed by advocate Steven Keleti, the US State Soil Health Policy Map is a crowdsourced policy tracker supporting healthy soil and related policies. Source: Nerds for Earth, Soil4Climate

Carbon180’s work in the West

We at Carbon180 are excited to see a policy tracker that is easily accessible and can’t wait to use the platform. We’ve been helping support soil health science and education as well as develop soil health policies across the Rocky Mountain states, focusing our work in Montana, Colorado, and New Mexico.

Soil action for the future, now

As urgency to take action on the climate crisis grows, carbon removal solutions continue to gain recognition as vital for mitigation. With the launch of their new website, Nerds for Earth and Soil4Climate can help facilitate access to one set of climate solutions: soil carbon sequestration in agricultural systems in the US. On top of that, the “lessons learned” from each state and other resources will support the development of efficient policies and initiatives going forward.

A new breed of climate-focused NGO working to build a world that removes more carbon than it emits. Newsletters 👉 http://bit.ly/3gjXhgR

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