Carbon180 supports the CREATE Act

This bill would ensure coordination across federal agencies on carbon removal solutions.

Photo: Matthew Henry

by Erin Burns, director of policy

For the most up-to-date information on the CREATE Act — now called the REMOVE Act — check out the C180 policy tracker.

Last Friday, Congresswoman Kuster, Congressman McKinley, and six other bipartisan members of Congress dropped the CREATE Act, a bipartisan (and now bicameral) bill that would ensure there is coordination across federal agencies on all carbon removal solutions. This coordination is key — to meet climate goals, we’re going to need to see billions of tons of carbon removed from the atmosphere through technological and natural solutions. Doing this well will require a robust multiagency, economy-wide effort and large-scale policy. The CREATE Act is the first step towards that goal.

The CREATE Act joins a series of other recent carbon removal bills (like this, this, and also this) and is further proof that this is an issue that Congress is taking seriously and will continue to prioritize. Here at Carbon180, we’re staffing up with experts across the field to help draft the next wave of policies on direct air capture, forestry, soil, carbon storage, carbontech, bioenergy, and a whole lot more.

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