Climate change hurts India more than most. How will it deal with emissions?

Forestry and agriculture may hold the key to reaching their climate goals, but the demands of a growing population complicate things.

What is the carbon context in India?

Source: Carbon180

Challenges to India’s low-carbon growth

What does carbon removal look like in India today?

Land use, agriculture and reforestation

Forestry is a major rural industry and environmental resource in India. Many support agroforestry in particular as a means of boosting economic and ecological benefits. Photo: Leisa India

Technical carbon removal pathways

Who is leading carbon removal efforts in India?

Two members of the Carbon Clean Solutions team. Photo: Carbon Clean Solutions

India’s future is natural pathways — for now

A new breed of climate-focused NGO working to build a world that removes more carbon than it emits. Newsletters 👉

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