Grimes and eBay highlight carbon removal in exclusive art sale benefiting Carbon180

Climate change can be fixed. Donate to Carbon180 in just two clicks or learn about what we do.

Artist and musician Grimes has partnered with eBay and Maccarone Gallery to release an exclusive sale of artworks benefiting your friendly neighborhood carbon removal NGO, Carbon180. We couldn’t be more thrilled that Grimes has chosen to highlight carbon removal through this initiative.

Art and music reflect in popular culture the dire need for climate action and provide a medium through which influential creators can advocate for and spread awareness of issues that extend beyond their work. We thank Grimes for continuing to highlight climate change in her work and for focusing specifically on carbon removal, a solution critical to meeting our climate goals.

Beyond financial support, Grimes is elevating carbon removal and inserting climate change into a space where it might not have otherwise found footing. We appreciate this kind of advocacy by influential celebrities to help center carbon removal in the climate change conversation and keep the climate crisis top of mind for all.

If you believe it’s possible to fix climate change like we do, consider donating to Carbon180. While many passionate organizations focus on reducing emissions, our climate goals can only be met by also removing the carbon already in our atmosphere. Support this critical work and follow along as we, dare we say, try to save the world.

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