Local partnerships, global impacts

On the ground lessons from the world’s first commercial DAC plant

Image: Lucia D. Simonelli, PhD

Iceland’s unique history

Climeworks goes to Iceland

“We are happy that Climeworks is genuinely interested in the perspective of the younger generation and are honored that they took the initiative to engage with us directly in the weeks preceding the launch of their Orca facility in Hellisheidi, Iceland. We are excited to see the climate benefit that Climeworks and DAC technologies overall can achieve, and hope to continue to be involved in the stakeholder convening processes moving forward.”

“Direct air capture is one small piece of a much larger set of actions needed for addressing climate change. Rethinking how we use energy, for what and how we choose to scale it up in an environmental and socially conscious manner must be a priority for all climate solutions. Carbon removal, including nature based methods, has a role to play in climate action and Climeworks’ Orca project in Iceland is an important step forward. We encourage Climeworks to maintain strong environmental and conservation principles going into the future, always keeping in mind the collective effects of their operations.”

Staying on DAC: how we scale



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