Released Friday, the FY22 President’s Budget supports carbon removal across agencies

Image: Kristina Volgenau

The FY22 President’s Budget is a milestone for federal investment in carbon removal. There is funding across multiple agencies — including the Department of Energy (DOE), Department of Agriculture (USDA), and Department of Interior (DOI) — to support and scale multiple carbon removal pathways, as well as money for procurement of low carbon materials. This is the first time we’ve seen carbon removal called out at this level and the first time this field has had a dedicated budget line.

Importantly, this funding for carbon removal is oriented around meeting ambitious climate goals. We’re also excited to see the most significant discretionary investment from any administration in environmental justice; equity and justice should be at the center of any major climate and carbon removal effort.

— Erin Burns, executive director

Update: Find our full analysis of the budget here.



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