We’re changing our name. Here’s why.

Carbon180 is our next big leap.

Four years ago, we made our first big leap by launching an organization dedicated to carbon removal. At the time, nearly no one had heard of this portfolio of climate solutions (and if they had, they often believed it was science fiction). However, the more we unpacked the state of the climate science, the clearer it became just how valuable carbon removal could be. So we set out to tell everyone we knew.

Fast forward a few short years, and we’ve helped transform the conversation on carbon removal. Leading research institutions, businesses, and policymakers around the world have begun to see this emerging potential. And while the conversation has grown, it has also begun to change: from “what is carbon removal” and “why do we need it?” to “how do we catalyze the innovation needed to create an economy that sequesters more carbon than it emits?”.

In the midst of this shift in the conversation, we recognized that our communications needed to shift into a higher gear as well. No longer would it be sufficient just to get the facts straight, to just change the conversation. Our ambition is now to turn conversation into action, vision into reality. And to do so, we need clear, compelling communications that will inspire others to join us in the bold, ambitious initiatives that we are working to bring to life.

To begin this next phase of our journey and to make large-scale carbon removal a reality, we decided that it was important for us to rethink our own communications from the ground up. Today, I’m proud to introduce our new brand that has emerged from this process: Carbon180.

Carbon180 doesn’t sound like the name of a conventional non-profit focused on climate change. But that’s because we aren’t.

We want to reimagine the possibilities of climate ambition, and for our name to focus on our mission to not only stop carbon emissions, but also do a “180” and start cleaning up more carbon than we emit.

We want to rethink carbon as more than a pollutant, and have our name focus on the potential for solutions that transform waste back into a valuable asset.

We want to refresh the politics of climate action. Carbon removal solutions can expand the tent of climate champions, create an undeniable economic case for climate action, and bring unconventional allies together to have a constructive, collaborative, science-driven conversation on tackling climate change.

We’re excited to make the next leap to Carbon180 and we hope you join us. Check out our new website, stay up to date with our newsletter, and join the next phase of the conversation on Twitter @Carbon_180.

A new breed of climate-focused NGO working to build a world that removes more carbon than it emits. Newsletters 👉 http://bit.ly/3gjXhgR

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